Thanks: the pub’s had its busiest month!

Thanks to everyone who has added comments to the blog this month. The "pub" has been much busier than ever before, and so there’s more conversation. Here’s the number of comments by month:
Sep: 2
Oct: 7
Nov: 14 (Asking people to vote for  Blog of the Month)
Dec: 5
Jan 07: 11
Feb: 26 (WTS book feedback request)
Mar: 66 (WTS cover vote)

Its opening things up and being more inviting that seems to have helped.

A few other things I thought might help:
1. You can email me comments, and I will add them for you
2. You can leave comments under any name you want, without an email address! So no-one need know…its like having a secret blog commenting alter-ego!
3. If you read the Monday email, you need to click on the title of the post to go through to the site before you can add a comment
4. I’ve taken off the funny thing that asks you to type in a strangely spelt word before comments are accepted

So, come on in!