Tesco take the credit crunch head-on

We've been lucky enough to work with Tesco this year. What a company. They really are unrivalled in their ability to understand AND act on customer insight. And their action is faster, deeper and bigger than the competition.

Take Tesco.com's response to the credit crunch. They are pro-actively helping shoppers find cheaper alternatives to shave pounds off their shopping basket. For each item on your shopping list you are prompted to consider a cheaper alternative. If its your favourite brand, you might decline the suggestion. I'd stick with Heinz tomato ketchup thanks, even if its a bit more pricey. But what about where you are less loyal, and brands are less strong?

Here's the online ads being used to promote this service:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
The service is also being promoted via TV advertising.

As our research into "Recession-Proof Branding" is showing, we're in a "Darwinian" period for brands. The strong ones will survive, and may even thrive. But the weak ones have a hard time ahead. Tesco is simply helping the process of extinction happen faster.