Stick a rocket up your innovation: brandgym book 4

I am thrilled to bits that the 4th book in the brandgym series has just lifted off. "Return on Ideas" is written by my business partner, David Nichols, and is a thought-provoking read for anyone who is working on innovation (so, that’s everyone then).

David challenges the "funnel" process which is the basis for most companies’ approach to innovation. I guess that most of you who have been funnelled will agree it aint the best way to create and launch innovation. He proposes an alternative called "rocketing" which has proven to get better ideas, faster. And allow you to have a lot more fun, and less pain, whilst doing it.

What I think makes ROIdeas different from the many other books on innovation is the way it shows to combine both creative flair and practical business considerations.

And he’s already made it into the top 1000 books on the whole of Amazon!