S**t happens. Apple show how to sort it.

As a registered Apple-aholic I'm biased. But I think they've handled the rumours over the antenna l issues with the iPhone 4 pretty well.

In any tech business stuff goes wrong. In fact, the return rate for the iPhone 4 is lower than the previous 3G model. But, the word is out that there is a problem with the antenna. And in today's 24/7 multi-channel world, once the media get that sort of news story, its a tsunami of negative press you can't stop.

But, you can react.

And Apple have. Fast.

They have launched a free offer of a case for all iPhone owners. Or, you can get a refund. No attempt to spend weeks or months trying to deny there's an issue. Just offer a solution.

And, they have made it easy by creating an iPhone app to choose and order your free case. With one click you order the case, using your iTunes details in the phone.

This is pure genius. You use your cool phone to order a free case, and in doing so remind yourself how well the app store works.

Screen shot 2010-07-23 at 21.02.18

In conclusion, when s**t happens, react, do it fast, and do it in a way which actually puts your product in a good light.