Singapore Airlines’ Sausage in the Sky

The launch of the new A380 by Singapore Airlines is a jumbo sausage in the sky. Or maybe even bigger than that.

The first flight to London of this amazing new plane a couple of weeks ago has generated great headlines for Singapore Airlines, with a Google search returning 920 000 results. And the video of the new plane’s interior posted on You Tube by the airline so far has 83 000 views. And you can see why. This thing is pretty bloody amazing.

This double-decker plane takes comfort to new levels. Business Class has much bigger, plusher seats. And if you can afford a First Class fare, you get your own bloomin cabin! Check it out below:

I think Singapore Airlines have been quite clever in their promotion of their new product.

First, they have invested to get a ‘first-mover’ advantage with the new plane. BA will also launch the A380, but not until 2012 (and that’sPicture_3_2 if they finished sorting out the baggage at Heathrow T5 by then). Virgin follow a year later in 2013. The challenge with any new bit of sausage/product news these days is the speed with which is is copied. But it seems Sinagapore Airlines have a few years head start.

Second, they have made the most of this advantage by making the product launch an event. They have promoted the new product, including online advertising like the one on the left. This marketing makes sure that the Singapore Airlines brand is well linked with the new aircraft. Notice how they rather cheekily call it the A380, with no reference to Airbus!

Third, this launch does show the power of a hero product to build your brand. I had a pretty good image of Singapore Airlines thanks to their ‘Singapore Girls’ communication campaign. But the attraction of flying the A380 if I have to go to Singapore or Sydney is much more magnetic than any bit of advertising.

Anyone lucky enough to fly on this thing, please add a comment on what it was like!