Richmond Sausage & Sizzle

Picture 1 Having been going on about ‘where’s the sausage?’ for a few years, and even writing a book of the same name, we finally got to work on a sausage brand this year: Richmond! And its a great example of the power of combining product sausage and emotional sizzle.

Richmond is the Leader Brand in the UK with a 17% share, and has driven double digit growth over the last couple of years. At the heart of this success is product sausage and emotional sizzle working together to reinforce one another. The big brand idea cleverly combines these two sides of the brand: ‘The taste that takes you home’. On the product side is a unique Irish recipe, that creates a smoother textured sausage that kids like, making it a family favourite. And for mum and dad the taste triggers their own happy memories of childhood.

Picture 2
The communication campaign created by Quietstorm does a great job of bringing this idea to life, delivering an excellent level of ROI in econometric testing. What I like about this ad is the way the product is the hero. A property developer is showing off his plans to build a high-rise block of apartments in a nearby field whilst having lunch. The diggers are already at work, despite the angry protests of campaigners to stop them. That is until he tastes the Richmond sausages that are served, and is taken back to happy times as an innocent child. He comes to his senses, and rushes to ‘stop the diggers’.

If you are on the blog website you can click below to watch the ad.

In conclusion, a great example of combining sausage and sizzle, and creating communication where a product story is told in a memorable and engaging way.