Nissan: the “key” to standing out

Nissan North America are trying something new to promote their Altima car, which I picked up on Coolzor:

"For the promotion, 20,000 key rings will be deliberately “lost” in
bars, concert halls, sports arenas and other public places in seven
large markets. Each key ring will have three keys, all real, and two
tags. One tag declares,
“If found, please do not return,” because the Altima “has Intelligent
Key with push-button ignition, and I no longer need these”"

Beyond the traffic that may visit the Nissan site, I would think that these keys have great talk value. If I found them, I’m sure I’d tell at least a few people. I wonder if they are selecting the places where they leave the keys to maximise the chances of getting in the hands of the target consumer?