Let your product do the talking

John Moore over at Brand Autopsy has an interesting view on how best to generate word of mouth (WOM) for your brand, a very hot topic in marketing, especially in the US.

"The Evolutionist WOM mindset is about generating talk with and between customers by designing products/services that are worth talking about.
Marketers believing in Creationist WOM
would rather create conversations with and between customers through
outrageous attention-grabbing antics which may or may not have any
connection to the advertised product/service."

I share John’s belief that the first of these is by far the best: make your product remarkable so that people talk about it. He uses a recent campaign by burger chain Jack in the Box as an example of this. Other examples are "durable" products like the iPod and Dyson vacuum cleaners. In consumer goods Hero Fruit2Day and Knorr Vie have this "wow" factor.