Killing Creativity: A Murder Mystery

I came across this truly inspirational and highly entertaining film of Sir Ken Robinson on Ernie Schenck’s blog , via Rob at Brand Story. He’s talking about how we’re all born creative, but then educated out of this by an academically-oriented educational system.

If you are interested in creativity, especially that of children, it’s well worth 20 minutes of your time. As a dad, I peed my pants at the jokes at 3 min 47 and 4 min 20 (both of which I plan to steal with pride for my own speeches). And I was almost moved to tears by the story at 15 min 23, about a famous choreographer talking about her childhood and how her unique talents were overlooked till she finally ended up in the right school for her. This reminded my of my post on the book "Now Discover your Strengths" about identifying and amplifying peoples’ unique talents, rather than being obsessed with fixing their weaknesses.