Jordans show the power of packaging

I posted a couple of weeks ago on the re-launch of cereal brand Jordans, talking about how the brand was built on a foundation of real truth. This next post is about how they have harnessed the power of packaging for their re-launched muesli range.

Picture 1

A few things that I think the team did really well:

1. Boost the branding: The brand name and illustration of the mill in Biggleswade now shout out much more proudly at the top of the pack. This is key for getting impact at point of sale: the new packs stand out much better.

Beyond the stronger graphics, impact is also helped by the move from a plastic bag to a gable topped box. Many supermarkets used to fold down the top of the old bags, obscuring or even hiding the brand name. This shows how important it is to understand packaging "in situ", on the shelf, not just on a board room table.

2. Functional added value: the new box is much easier to store than the bag, and can also be easily re-sealed. So, it adds value for the Jordans user

3. Visible product: the little bowl visual on the new boxes is actually a window, allowing you to see the product for real. Makes the pack feel more natural and authentic.

4. Beautiful brand world: the design agency, Pearlfisher, created a whole brand world for Jordans, with cartoon drawings of what I call "Jordans-land": the mill, birds, butterflies, scarecrows, bees and, my favourite, the tractor. This has been used not only on the pack, but also on the website and press advertising, creating consistency across the whole mix.

Picture 2

And a couple of "behind-the-scenes" insights about the process to get to this result:

1. Creativity is a rollercoaster! The process of getting to this pack design was far from easy. It had its ups, but also plenty of downs, and zigs and zags.

2. "Get a good crash-helmet": this was what my first General Manager at P&G said. You need it to break through the brick walls that are put in your way when you want to make change happen. In this case, the brand team needed persistence and persuasion to make the gable top box happen. It was bloody hard for the factory, and at first they said it was not possible for the September re-launch.

If you live in the UK, look out for the new packs on a shelf near you, and let us know what they look like on shelf!