It ain’t sexy, but it sells

I posted last week about the importance of distribution in the marketing mix and how this may trip up Trident’s launch into the UK gum market. I know it ain’t sexy, but its a great way of growing your core business.

Another example is Pepsico’s trial of hot porridge vending machines for its Quaker Oatso Simple brand. These will be placed in schools and offices and tap into the huge market called "missed breakfast". Over 20% of people in the UK skip what is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, representing billions of pounds of potential spend.

Quaker have already entered into the out-of-home market by linking up with Mc Donalds, part of the burger chains to re-position itself as a provider of healthy food, not just burgers and fries.

I just hope the vending machines are better than me at making porridge. We have to get the girls up half an hour earlier when its on the breakfast menu at our house, as I always bodge it up at least once. And will there be a syrup dispenser as I can only eat porridge with lashings of this on it?