Don’t like your company? Then launch your own, like Trattoria Giulia

I often hear marketing folk complaining of life in BigCompany PLC: "Decisions are so slow"… "We're always re-structuring"… "The management is so short term".

Well, there is an alternative, which is being brave enough to go it alone. And this is exactly what Peter de Kruif has done. Peter was the 1st ever brandgym client back in 2002, when he was working in European marketing at Unilever on the Bertolli brand in Milan.

Peter has just launched Trattoria Giulia into leading supermarkets in Holland. Its a range of premium, trattoria quality frozen dinners for 2 people. The products are made in Italy to be enjoyed together, with a glass of wine.

Picture 1

Here's what I like about this new brand:

1. Personal passion: Peter has a real passion for his adopted
home country of Italy. And he has been able to pour this passion into his new
company, taking more than a year to source and select the ingredients
from all over Italy.

2. Creating new market space: rather than competing with
existing products, Peter is trying to create a new premium, high-end
offer that takes share from informal dining out and take-away food. 8,95 euro a bag sounds quite expensive, but not if you compare it to eating out.

3. Built on brand truth: Giulia is a real person, and has a real
place you can book to stay at in Tuscany. Peter says: "Here you can
enjoy a great homemade diner that she serves on a long table under a
pergola.This was the inspiration for our brand and therefore we feature
this table on our packaging."

Picture 2

So, hats off to Peter for having the balls, creativity and stamina to launch his own brand and business.

If you live in Holland, get out there and buy some now!