Connecting with consumers at the moment of truth

Increasingly we are working with brand teams to change their approach to innovation. We are trying to get them out of seeing product development, and in particular new products, as the only way to innovate. The other form of innovation we love is MARKETING INNOVATION.

In the world we live in (busy, over-crowded, online blah blah blah) it is harder for brands to stand out. And a great way to have more impact is more effective and targeted marketing. In particular, connecting with consumers at a moment of truth, when they are thinking about your category, and most open to brand ideas.

Here is a great example of this from the Inspired Thinking blog, in a post called "Through the belt thinking" (as opposed to "Through the line"):

"When are frequent (air) travellers most engaged with their luggage? Essentially
five key moments: At the time of packing, At the time of check in ,
while putting or taking out cabin baggage from overhead compartment,
when waiting at the baggage belt to collect checked in luggage, when
wheeling their luggage on a trolley on the way out of the airport

Of the 5 moments of influence above, the baggage belt is the most
promising as people are idle and looking at the belt and other people’s
luggage. In the case of the other four either the engagement time is
short (e.g. overhead compartment ) or your attention is elsewhere (
e.g. when wheeling the baggage trolley) or there is limited
communication opportunity (e.g. when packing at home).

What can we do potentially with the baggage belt? It
is the perfect place to talk about luggage. The messaging possibilities
are immense. Other categories ranging from casinos (see below), cars to computers
already use it. See some examples here (Note : Link  includes store check-out belt ads also).

Picture 2

If we are really thinking big then one can  own  the baggage belt
and signage around it just like HSBC does with the aerobridges to bring
alive the idea of ” the worlds local bank” . This will require a
long-term commitment to get a good media deal. Samsonite as a leader
brand would be an ideal candidate for this.

This 'through the belt' opportunity is perhaps a better use of money
than opening luggage shops at airport, where you are competing for
attention with so many other categories and shops for the traveller’s

Other examples of consumer connection:

– Rexona deodarant putting ads on the hanging handles on tube trains, when you have your arm up and your armpit exposed (ugh)

– BMW giving sales pitch for a new car out as a CD to listen to in your (crappy old) car on the way to work