Domestos take the fight to the own label bullies

Hot on the tails of the recent post on Heinz's "It has to be Heinz" campaign comes another example of a big brand taking the fight to the own label bully boys. This one is from Domestos the bleach for cleaning your toilet with.

Surely this is a "commodity category" where brands have no role to play, and own label will take over? Well, Domestos don't agree. They have done a great job over decades to consistently communicate their power in the fight against germs with the endline "Kills 99.9% of all known germs. Dead". Their latest ad uses the idea "Cheap bleach is finished".

This is backed up with some product sausage, with a new "flush proof formula". And it has a great product feature of being twice as thick, and so lasts 50% longer. The nice thing about this claim is that you can spot the difference yourself when using the product.

The other clever thing is that the line, Cheap Bleach is Finished, also suggests that the own label copies are less effective, and that they have met their match with Domestos.

So, don't let the own label copies bully you. Stand up. Innovate. And get on the front-foot with some bold and confident communication.