Cutting through the communication clutter

Over at Jaffe Juice, a great little exercise to show just how much unclear, undifferentiated communication clutters up TV screens across the world every day:

"Today, tonight – or whenever – pick an hour of television watching (assuming you do watch television at all) and watch EVERY SINGLE 30-SECOND SPOT.

Don’t take notes and don’t overly concentrate or do anything that
you wouldn’t normally do when watching.

The next morning or perhaps I should say 24 hours later, report back on the following:
– how many commercials in totality do you think you watched?
– how many commercials did you remember?
– of these commercials, how many brands did you remember (as opposed to "the one with the bunnies")
– of these commercials, how told you something you
didn’t know, offered up something of value, and/or made you want to buy (or consider to buy) that
particular brand/product/service"

5-minute workout: would your communication cut through the clutter and pass the "morning after test"?