Connecting at the moment of truth

The key to effective marketing is creating "mental availability": being "recalled and relevant" at the moment of truth when when people choose what to buy.

The following poster I saw at Putney train station shows how NOT to do this.

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 20.22.21
The poster has some nice food shots, a good quote and, importantly, useful info on how to find my local Strada: "Turn left on leaving the station into Upper Richmond Road".

The problem with the poster is that its visible when ENTERING the platform to catch a train. It relies on me memorising this info until the next time I'm back in Putney and in the mood for pizza. But my mind is full of too much other stuff to use part of it for Strada's message. So, my guess is that most of Strada's media money on this poster site is wasted, as it not connecting at a moment of truth. 

The poster would be much more effective at the station exit of course, when many people may be wondering where to go for lunch or dinner. McDonalds do this very well, usually employing a series of posters at station exits. Some entice you via food shots. Others have info of where to find the restaurant.

In conclusion, to maximise your media effect, ensure that your communication plan helpes you be recalled and relevant at the moment of truth when people decide what to buy.