Bull**** Bingo

I want to offer some free stuff as incentive for people to buy copies of WTS? on "S-Day", 1 October 2007. The idea is that by getting everyone who wants to buy a copy (hopefully more than just my Mum) to order on the same day, we get the best possible Amazon ranking.

The idea for this came from another Capstone book called the Jelly Effect, which made it as high as number bloody 2 on Amazon! A fraction of this sort of success would be fantastic.

The first idea is a Brand Bull**** Bingo game… you can use this in meetings when you’re bored. When you can cross off a whole line you stand up and shout out "brand bull****!".
You can help by chipping in via the comments section:
1. Additional brand bull**** phrases to complete the bingo board…we need at least 5 more, and you my have better ideas to replace the ones I’ve got so far
2. Ideas for other free stuff I could offer…ideally this would be email-able rather than something that needs posting.