Brita Fill & Go – genius core extension

Brita Fill & Go is a brilliant example of how to extend your core. Fill & Go is a portable water bottle that uses Brita filers for water you can drink, yup, on the go.

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Here is what I love about this new product.

1. Creating new occasions: Fill & Go takes Brita into a whole new set of occasions outside the home, versus the current in-home consumption.

2. Defining the market in benefit terms: Brita would not have come up with Fill & Go if it had defined its market as water filters, and its competition as in-home water filtering systems. But by defining its market as something like "pure, high quality water solutions" they would have identified individual bottles of water drunk on the go as a source of gains.

3. Modernising the brand: a secondary benefit is making the brand feel more modern and dynamic. Up to now I'd seen Brita as a bit boring. A nice touch is having a range of different Fill & Go colours. This also has a practical use of identifying the bottles of different family members.

4. Simple descriptor: there might have been a temptation to create a whole new sub-brand for this new formaty. The Brita team did the right thing in my view and created a simple, easy to remember descriptor. This keeps the focus on the Brita brand. 

In conclusion, Brita Fill & Go shows how to expand your core business by defining your market in benefit terms, and using this to highlight new occasions you can meet with new formats.