“Blooming” wonderful innovation

I was saved today by a great example of innovation based on real customer insight. I check my emails and this pops up. Yup. Its a reminder about my mum’s birthday this Friday, with a link to the Interflora wesbsite. Nice touch is the way the reminder is hand-written on a post-it.

Clicked through, and there was a well designed site with really easy menu to pick a gift suitable for the occasion. At the end they offered to add a bottle of champagne or a box of chocs. Up-selling I know, but done nicely. And as all my details are saved, it took no time to place the order. The whole thing from "Oh shit, I almost forgot!" to "Phew. Sorted." took about 5 minutes flat.

A really good example of what all brands should be doing. Identifying a problem, creating a solution and then delivering it with a nice bit of emotional sizzle (look, feel, style, tone).