Bigham’s brilliant brand re-launch

As promised back in May, here is an update on the re-launch of the small but perfectly formed Charlie Bigham's brand. I spent a a great morning last Friday with my mate Tom, who is CEO, Charlie himself and some of the Bigham's team working on the growth plans for the brand over the coming years. Bigham's make lovely meals which are ready to cook (you do a bit) or to eat (put in the oven). My personal fave is their moussaka.

The brand is only in Waitrose at the moment, but has if the re-launch goes well, as I am sure it will, then listing in other retailers should follow.

Here's what is smart about the re-launch.

Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 12.31.52

1. Tight Targeting

Charlie, Tom and the team have done some great insight work, combining their own intuition with consumer research. They have nailed a key need to fill. As Charlie says:

"I came up with this brand new range specially designed to give couples the chance to steal back some time together. So, turn off the phones, dim the lights, crack open a bottle and enjoy a wonderful night in over some really lovely food."

The target is busy couples who want to spend some "us" time once the kids have been packed off to bed. They want something better than a bog standard ready meal. But don't have the time or energy to cook from scratch.

The power of this targeting is that it should the brand get into peoples' repertoires, by tapping into a clear need state.

2. "Packvertising"

New packaging brings to life the brand using a cartoon couple, called The Twosomes, who really strike a chord with the target audience. Each pack has a different humorous cartoon, creating interest and engagement. Lift the cartoon up and there is a picture of the dish and some words from Charlie. This is another bit of genius packaging from Perry and his team at Big Fish. They also did the packaging for Gü and Dorset Cereals.

These packs create real stand-out and distinctiveness at the over-crowded supermarket shelf. And early tests show the off-take is significantly improved. The Twosomes also have the potential to be a really powerful brand property that can be used in different media, especially online.

  Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 12.42.19

3. Lovely food

Last but not least, of course, is the lovely food. In fact, the whole experience of making, serving and eating the food is what makes Bigham's special. The food is nicely presented, with pies coming in enamel ramekins you can re-use for example. It looks the real thing. And it tastes great. It really does deliver a nice dinner for two for a fraction of the price of eating out.

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 14.49.11
In conclusion, Bigham's a great example of tight targeting to identify the need-state your brand can tap into, and then really bringing this to life in the pack and product to create desire at the shelf.

I will share updates from the Bigham's brand re-launch as it continues.