Any category can be shined up

An interesting sight at Heathrow today, on the way to a workshop in Poland, was a 21st century shoe-shine stand. I thought this was a nice example of how you can take an old-fashioned category and rejuvenate it.
Picture 6

1. Pick the right market
The best markets to rejuvenate are ones where there is still an underlying consumer need, but the delivery of the service or product needs a re-vamp. My guess is that there are still plenty of people, especially business folk, who'd like a shoe-shine. It even taps into a trend of people wanting to be pampered.

2. Use new routes to consumer

Most shoe-shine places I can think of are inside posh hotels. Using airports seems a smart move, as people have time to kill, and a shoe-shine takes only 5 minutes

3. Re-vamp the service
I immediately noticed a couple of nice touches that brought the shoe-shine up to date. First, there was a selection of mens' magazines to read. Second, there was a phone charger to give you mobile a quick squirt of power.

4. Price it right
The shoe-shine was £5 a go, which felt to me cheap enough to get me to try it without thinking too hard.

Net, before you give up on a market you operate and decide its doomed to die, see if you can't do a shoe-shine job on it.