60 second fun-break: the Top rated YouTube video

[This is 60 seconds of fun, so skip it if you want. But I sort of figured that if you’re in the office over the vacation period, or holed up with your PC to escape the relatives, you might need a bit of cheering up.]

So, what’s the most watched video of all time on You Tube in the UK, exc pop videos? (Its also in the top 5 globally).

66,656,363 views. Yes, that’s 66 million times its been watched.

Obama’s acceptance speach in Chicago. Nope, that’s only 3.9 million views.

Cadbury’s gorilla ad No. Only 3.3 million.

No, the video is called “Charlie bit my finger”. And it really is funny. Click below to watch it if you are on the blog itself. My 3 kids ask to see it again and again, and almost pee themselves laughing every time.

Why the success of this home-made video?
– Brilliant “casting”
– Amazing execution (comic timing par excellence)
– Based on a real human truth (about the games kids play)
– Has drama, ups and downs… and yet ends on a happy note
– Short and sweet: less then 60 second long

All things which, when you think about it, any good communication should have. Especially to have a hope of going viral.