P&G’ multi-brand makeover ad ‘quadruples purchase intent’

P&G are launching an innovative new approach to TV advertising this June. The ‘Max Factor Makeover Break’ will  three 90 second advertisements
shown over consecutive commercial breaks, which see a consumer made
over by experts using a range of P&G Beauty & Grooming
products. Throughout the series of adverts, experts share tips from how to
select the right hair colour to applying moisturiser properly.

Picture 2 In US trials the format was found to quadruple “intent to purchase” versus traditional advertising spots. Pretty impressive. Interesting points on this approach:

Impact and engagement: the Max Factor Makeover is really clever use of media, in a world where our attention spans are getting shorter. The long time-length and the use of 3 consecutive ads in 3 breaks should keep viewers watching, and create stand-out

Accessible aspiration: each break features an ‘everyday heroine’, who entered a competition to star in the campaign earlier this year. Roisin Donnelly, P&G’s UK Director of Marketing, comments: 'The
star is a genuine consumer, which engages women of all
ages. It’s almost like
an intimate documentary

– Tapping into cultural codes: the campaign cleverly taps into the current obsession with make-overs, both in magazines like Hello! and on TV programmes.

– Portfolio leverage: the thing I like most about this approach is the way it makes the most of the brand portfolio P&G have built up, using products from Max Factor, Olay, Aussie and Clairol.

Hat's off to Roisin, who was my first ever boss back at P&G in the Victorian age, when I was brand assistant on Vidal Sassoon!