WTS? the book: want a free advance copy?

"Where’s the Sausage?" the book officially hits the shelves on Oct 1.

But how would you like an advance copy, hopefully in early September. For free. Yup, free and early. What more could you want?

In return, all you need to do is:
1. Leave a review on amazon [hopefully 5* 😉 ]2. Email all your mates, sharing your love, and telling them about the official launch on "S-Day", 1st October

Bit more info on the book (and live event): Download wheresthesausage.pdf

Interested? Just leave your name and email in the comments section by Friday 27th July, and I’m on the case.

P.S. If you’ve already sent me your address to get an advance copy, or you reviewed the draft of WTS?, you don’t need to ask again: Jonathan S., Paul P., Chris A., The Molk, Rob Marsh, Seth G, Simon, Rebecca, Bob, Rob C., Alan B. and Nick J.