WTS? Book: Amazon video

The publisher of the WTS? book, Capstone, is experimenting with video as a way of promoting their books, which is a cool idea. Its early days yet, and I’m one of the first writers to be filmed.

The main idea for the video was to stick it on Amazon as another source of info. for potential buyers. Capstone have also created their own "channel" on youtube.


I’m in 2 minds about  the video, that you can view here
. Its sort of informative, and pretty clear. But its not really in the character of the book, which is an entertaining and irreverent piss-take of branding. And its certainly not going to have any chance of going viral. But does it have a role to play though? Worth putting on amazon? What do you think?

What I’m more excited about is shooting a video of Hugo Gaines, the over-intellectual marketing director from the WTS? story. He represents all that I think is wrong about modern-day branding, such as an obsession with emotional spin and a huge vocabulary of buzzwords and bull****. We’re planning to shoot the Hugo video soon , including his "Simpsational Rap"!. We’ll let you know how we get on and see what you think.