VOTE on which cover is best!

If you have a minute, look at the following 4 very rough mocked-up covers of the "Where’s the Sausage?" book (out on October 1). [P.S. these are mocked up by me on my PC, not the finshed article!] As a reminder, WTS? the book is modestly trying to be the "Who Moved my Cheese? of Branding"…
– £9.99, 100 pages, written as a funny story…read on a short-haul flight
– smuggles in branding principles in a funny story that takes the piss out of marketing (easy to do)
– Target: people who want to learn about branding, but don’t want to read a heavy 250 page £25 tome…esp. Mkting Directors/CEOs who want to spread the word on brand-led business to their whole company (and so buy 500 copies at a time!)

The final call depends heavily on the sales team at Capstone, the publisher, so I can’t promise the winner will be picked…but at least you, the WTS readers, will have a say! Check out the covers, then scroll down, click on the button of the cover you like, then hit "Vote now". And if you feel like it, leave a comment to explain which you picked (a favour, please don’t say they all suck!)Picture_13_1