Vitamin Water’s painfully poor consumer feedback

I posted last week on the vitamin water wars, giving Vitamin Water (Coke) the slight edge over V Water (Pepsi).

Well, one category Coke loose on hands down is consumer feedback. Now, many brands are bad at this. But boy oh boy oh boy, Vitamin Water have plumed new depths. This is a Titanic-esque sinking of brand goodwill.

Here is what I emailed them “I live in Putney. Where the hell can I buy Vitaminwater. Not on Ocado, or” Short. Sharp. To the point. Pissed off.

Well, if you’re sitting comfortably and have a sick bag ready, here is what I got back.

hey david,

great to hear from you. thanks so much for getting in touch with us, your email really brightened up our day!
[Really? Must have been one hell of a shitty day]

it really does make us want to shout from the rooftops when we hear how much people like you love vitaminwater. it’s always a pleasure and your support means a lot (and don’t tell anyone but it makes us go all warm and fuzzy inside)!
[Love? What love?]

rest assured we will circulate your kind words to all the vitaminwater team and everyone here at the centre for responsible hydration. vitaminwater has already hit london and is available in a over two hundred outlets across london. i have enclosed a list of stores for your attention. (see below)
[Well about time too. This is all I wanted].

in the meantime, you can check out our glaceau store at lower portland street to sample our rainbow range.

well, what more can we say but thanks a million, keep spreading the vitaminwater love and keep swigging away.

with all our best wishes, charlotte murphy, glaceau vitaminwater

Can you believe that? Any semblance of this being an authentic brand has gone baby, gone.

If you invest in a consumer feedback system, then make sure it has a minimum of sensitivity to the type of comments you get. Or just don’t bother.