Thinking out of the Sky box

Nice example of growing the core from Sky, the digital TV people. Their banner ad for designer Sky boxes got me to click through to their site, which is a rare event.


They have launched a limited edition set of 5 different Sky boxes. I think this is clever for a few reasons:

1. It reflects insight into the way people want objects in their homes to be well designed, and "talkable". Gone are the days of boring grey boxes being enough.

2. A nice box won’t be enough to make people buy a Sky subscription. But, it might be the little extra special touch that pushes someone on the verge of buying over the edge

3. Its free! Apart from the cost of getting the designs done, the cost is minimal

4. It creates a bit of cut through in a category that for 99% of the time talks about only price

5. It potentially creates a new purchase occasion of gifting