The power of viral marketing (and 40% off wine!)

Hugh over at Gaping Void (one of the worlds most-read bloggers) is launching the second Thresher online viral coupon. If you’re in the UK, you can get 40% off all wine and champagne with this. Nice!

In addition to being a prolific blogger, Hugh works on marketing for South African wine brand Stormhoek, and has managed to to create a 500% increase in sales in only 2 years through his blog: more on how he did this here.

In case you didn’t hear about the first Thresher viral coupon that happened last Xmas, this spread from Hugh’s blog like crazy. It boosted Thresher’s sales by £15million and making it onto the TV news as an example of viral marketing, raising the profile of both Thresher and Stormhoek. Wouldn’t you like a bit of PR like the one below?! The cartoon is one of Hugh’s, that he draws on the back of business cards: