The CMO challlenge

Interesting article in Business Week about the challenges facing the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in today’s complicated, inter-connected world. This was based on research done by recruitment specialists Spencer Stuart.

Some of the key challenges are summarised below.They certainly ring true based on our experience at the brandgym of coaching CMOs and their teams to create and implement a vision that builds their brand and business. It does feel like the profile of a super-human though! Guess the trick is to figure out on which of these you are personally going to focus on:

1. Customer Orientation – Understands the importance
of internal and external relations and is able to keep the customer at
the center of all decision making

2. Global Perspective – Able to adapt to differing ways of conducting business regardless of geography

3. Influence & Impact – Builds and maintains
positive relationships within the organization and is able harness the
power of diverse points of view for the good of the company and/or brand

4. Hands on Leadership – Provides a strong sense of direction by managing performance and outcomes, yet also able to delegate responsibility

5. Creates and Manages Change – Views change as necessary and understand it is vital to individual and organizational growth

6. Results Focused – Able to deliver results on time, every time, without compromising quality

7. Risk Taking – Views failures as opportunities for
growth despite personal risk or exposure and demonstrates this by
sometimes making decisions with less than complete data

8. Strategic Thinker – Formulates strategies through rigorous assessment and is able to balance long and short term needs appropriately

9. Team Player – Leverages the power of the team to address key issues and readily solicits and incorporates feedback

10. Technical Expertise – Remains on the cutting edge of the most sophisticated marketing tools