Spin labelling

Tom Fishburne puts his finger on a sensitive point in one of his latest cartoons: the rather unsavoury truth behind many big brands claiming to be natural, made with care etc..

Many of these brands are, of course, made in modern factories, not lovingly created by hand by artisanal  craftsmen and women. And in many cases the main focus is actually on the minimum quality for the cheapest price.
Picture 1

There are a handful of examples where you can look behind the company and see something closer to the truth that is portrayed in the brand’s marketing. Here are a couple that give me faith:

Jordans cereals: Ok, these are made in a factory. But, at least its still in the same village, Biggleswade, where the family started milling over 150 years ago. Even the original mill is still standing. Many of the people working there have been employees for several decades. Bill Jordan still has a hands on role. 

Lush cosmetics are made by hand, and there is a photo of the person who made each product on the pack.