Shave more, get more, grow the core

Gillette are becoming one of my fave blogging brands. Came across another great example of them growing their core shaving business, on the back of earlier posts on their subscription service and actively encouraging trading up to the Fusion razor.

The latest example I spotted involves no new products. No new packaging. No extra cost to the business at all. What is it? Actively encouraging the growing trend of men to, er, shave all over. Not my scene. But then I don't really have a well-honed chest to show off.

There are separate drop-down guides to shaving your chest, under-arm (ugh), back and, wait for it….. your GROIN (owwwwwwwwwwww!)

Picture 3
This is inspired marketing.
1. It drives increased usage of blades and shave gels

2. As Gillette has 85% of blade sales, it makes sense to grow the category, as they are the category.

3. As mentioned earlier, no cost at all for new products, packs, formats. Just selling more of the stuff you already have.

4. Taps into a consumer trend. Shows Gillette are in touch.

5. Avoids risk of a smaller, more nimble brand stepping in and owning body shaving.

Very, very clever stuff. And good inspiration for other brands to spend more time and energy growing pie (market) and not just on fighting for a bigger slice (share).