Put a rocket up your innovation [Guest blogger: David Nichols]

Attached is the front-cover article from Market Leader about "Rocketing", a new way of looking at innovation: download by clicking here. The piece explains the fatal flaws with the "funnel" process used by most companies to manage innovation, that squeezes the energy and lifeblood out of new ideas.

In contrast, rocketing uses potent insight fuel to inspire and energize innovation. The process is described in more detail in the 4th book of the brandgym series, "Return on Ideas".

We were chuffed to bits that one of the world’s leading innovation practioners, Syl Saller, read and liked the article. Syl is the Global Innovation Director of Diegeo no less. She said:

"The clarity of the ideas, and the way they are built into the right behaviours, will considerably improve the results that can be achieved from innovation"

You can download the full column from Syl by clicking here