Park at My House get name change right

I was interested to read an email that popped into my inbox this morning regarding a name change for the parking website I've used this service a couple of times with success to park my car on someone's drive when going to watch Harlequins play rugby away from home.

Now, I'm a real sceptic when it comes to name changes, as covered in a recent post on Yell changing name to Hibu and back to Yell. But's change actually makes some sense to me. Here's why.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 15.14.51
1. A simpler name

The new name for the business is At the most basic level this is an improvement as its half the number of syllables: two vs. four. This makes it easy to recall, remember and type at the moment of truth, when searching for parking places. A simpler and more memorable name makes word-of-mouth more likely.

2. A broader benefit

The key thing about any name change is that it should be a symbol of a more substantial change. In the case of ParkAtMyHouse, the change is offering parking places not only at peoples' houses, but also in company car parks, churches, schools and hotels. The new name better captures this broader offer, and could help attract people who perhaps don't want to park on someone's drive, but like the idea of cheaper parking.

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3. A little bit of personality

A bonus with the new name is that is has a little bit of personality. "Just Park" to me says its a no nonsense, down-to-earth and effective solution. "No hassle. Just park". This personality is also reflected in the brand's written tone of voice or "verbal brand identity". For example, when introducing the name change the brand says: 

"We know that change isn’t always welcome (with the grudging exception of traffic lights, perhaps, or that one time when McVities increased the chocolate percentage of their digestives to 30%). But sometimes, change is necessary."

4. Grow the core by increasing reach

Its good to see that whilst recognizing opportunities to stretch, JustPark are clear on their core, saying "While private driveways remain very much our bread and butter, there is also a plethora of parking available in places that you perhaps wouldn’t expect, such as churches, schools and hotels."

Furthermore, the Just Park team recognize by broadening the appeal of the service should increase the brand's reach and so in turn help grow the core itself: "It may feel we are shifting our focus away from the cornerstone of private parking spots. Fear not, however. Because the new brand is geared towards attracting more drivers to the platform, that translates into more business for you."

In conclusion, JustPark is a rare example of a name change that makes sense, being the symbol of an expanded brand offer, and being simpler and more memorable at the same time.