Make it easy for your consumers to use more

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be suffering from a seasonal bout of flu. Ugh. As a result I’ve been consuming various pills and potions. And came across another good example of packvertising. I think this one, from Day & Night Nurse, is especially clever because it actively encourages frequency of consumption. But not just for the sake of selling more; there is a benefit in it for the consumer as well.

You know how hard it is to remember to take your medicine when you’re supposed to. With Day & Night Nurse the tablets come in a convenient 24 hour sets. They indicate clearly 2 tablets each for morning, lunch and afternoon. And then two differently coloured ones for bedtime.

This is good for the brand, as they encourage frequency of use and so sell more. And its good for me, as by taking the medicine at the right time the stuff will (I hope) work better.