Kit-Kat’s clever “packvertising”

I posted last week on how Axe/Lynx had grown their core business by better promoting usage of their body spray: "spray more, get more". Here is another good example from Kit-Kat of better promoting your core product, this time by making more use of packaging. I call it "packvertising".

On the back of the packs you find a little cartoon with a suggestion on how to use a Kit-Kat. One says "The Scoop" and suggests using a Kit-Kat finger to scoop ice cream. Another is called "Kool Break" and suggests putting your Kit-Kat in the fridge.


What a smart use of packaging as an free advertising medium to drive extra usage through new occasions. And my guess is it also involved consumer insight work to uncover the ways that consumers had invented to use the product.

What are you doing with the millions of free GRPs on your packaging?