Hit or Miss 2010

A belated blog on Hits and Misses for 2010. Please vote by clicking here. Then we meet back in a year and see how we did.


1. Apple's iPad will hit its target of 2.5million units. In the words of my daughter: "I don't know what it does, but I want one": HIT

2. Tiger Woods will bounce back, and his notoriety and fight back to success will make him marketable again. He will pick up 1-2 big new sposors: HIT

3. Nespresso will continue to growth in at least double digits, thanks to its unique business model and great brand mix: HIT

4. Reckit Benkiser's brand focus and relentless innovation will see them continue to grow sales at between 5-10%: HIT

5. Dove for Men will take a decent initial share of the male skin cleansing market, with a c. 10% share by end of year 1: HIT

Picture 2

6. Retailer John Lewis will have another good year, with sales up min. 5%, thanks to great service from its 69,000 partners who all share in the profits


1. Coke Zero will struggle to take share from Pespi Max (10% share), despite more money being thrown at it, and not get above a 3% share: MISS 

2. Not many people will buy the savoury cereal bar launched by spread brand Marmite. It will have less than 5% of the cereal bar market: MISS

3. Kellogg's attempt to launch a new brand of natural feeling cereal called Nature's Pleasure will not take much share from Dorset, and be on its last legs or de-listed: MISS

Picture 3

4. The Bing search engine (from Microsoft) will fail to dent Google's
dominant Leader Brand status in search, getting no more than 20% market
share in the UK: MISS

5. aol's re-design will have no impact, and the brand will continue to struggle with sales at best flat: MISS

6. England's football team will fail to end a 44 year wait to win
the World Cup, going out again in the quarter-final on penalties: MISS

7. Guinness Black lager will take less than 5% of the market in test, and not be rolled out.

So, there you have it. Now, why not take 60 seconds to pick what you think will be hits and misses here.