Gu ice cream: Product and packaging heaven

Dinner last night ended on a high when we tried Gu’s new chocolate ice cream. This has to be one of the most original and distinctive product launches of the year. The pack is really disruptive, with a square, box-like shape, made out of polystyrene (looks and feels much sexier than I am making it sound).  And the product lives up to expectations, with a smooth texture and rich taste that does remind you of real Italian ice-cream. I guess the square box also has the bonus of being more efficient to ship and store.


This is one of a strong of stand-out products launched by Gu puds, who are one of our favourite brands. They have a potent combination of product excellence and a highly distinctive and aspirational personality; function and emotion working in perfect harmony. At the heart of everything they do is decadent chocolate indulgence. And their brand identity is one of the most impactful and unique on the supermarket shelf today. Simple and stripped down, but shouting out product appeal so loud the stuff jumps into your shopping trolley by itself.

The brand has just started TV advertising, and its commercial is 100% substance and 0% spin. When you have such a great product, you can let it do all the talking.

5-minute workout: how could you use structural packaging to deliver a double-whammy of standout on shelf, and efficiency for shipping and storage?