Every leader started somewhere (often in a garage)

I love this poster advert for The Daily Telegraph newspaper with the strap-line “It pays to think big” (snapped at my local train station, hence the graffiti). How inspiring to see that leading brands like Google and Ikea started small, with limited resources but big dreams. Even when these businesses were small they wanted to become leaders, and went on to do so.
As a footnote, shame the ad has little obvious link to the Daily Telegraph (for non-UK readers this is an upmarket, traditional and rather serious paper). I have a horrible feeling the intended link might be that this is the last big, “broadsheet” format paper, as below the “Big” strapline it says “Britain’s Broadsheet”? If so, its a bad example of "laddering" way too high from a product feature (big format) to a lofty emotional benefit (think big).