EE re-create a movie-based brand property

It was interesting to see that mobile brand EE is about to launch EE film club, which allows customers to screen a blockbuster film each week on any device for £1. This comes several month's after EE killed off the long running cinema-based activation property of sister brand Orange called Orange Wednesdays, as I posted on here. This offered Orange customers cheap cinema tickets on, you guessed it, every Wednesday. 

At the time I expressed disappointment that the Orange Wednesdays property had been ditched, given that it was a rare example of an activation idea that had been used consistently over many years. However, I now think I see what EE are up to.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 17.31.08
1. Ruthless brand focus

I was unsure about EE the parent company (Everything Everywhere at the time) launching a third brand for its 4G services, in addition to Orange and T-Mobile. I suggested a revitalisation of the once great Orange brand was a smarter call. But launch EE they did. And to their credit, they have been ruthless in their brand focus. They seem to have moved most marketing money behind the new brand, with the killing off of Orange Wednesdays and the launch off EE Film Club the latest example of this. 

2.  Move with the times

Film-viewing habits are changing rapidly. And whilst cinema attendances are holding up better than many expected, there is significant increase in mobile streaming. By moving away from cinema and into mobile movie streaming EE is keeping up with and even leading this trend, reinforcing its position as an innovative brand.

3. "SMS"

Best of all though is the way EE has created an activation property that helps it SMS: sell more stuff. Orange Wednesday's was a nice promotion for customers. But it actually encouraged less product usage. Indeed, the highly entertaining series of Orange cinema films warned viewers "Not to let your mobile spoil the movie", asking people to turn off their devices. In contrast, EE Film Club encourages people to use the 4G capability of the network to stream movies, thus using the product more. Given that EE's 4G network is fast, this should mean customers have a good streaming experience, and so like the product. Perhaps some of these customers will then think twice about leaving when their contract is up for renewal, thus redcuing "churn". 

The key will be to stick with EE film club for at least three years, to establish some memory structure and make it a true brand property. So, check back here in April 2018 to see what EE have done with this promising, relevant and timely activation idea….