Dyson do it again with… a hand dryer

I’d read about the new Dsyon Airblade hand dryer, but only got to try one out last week. Now, who would have thought you could get excited about a hand dryer? But, yes this thing is seriously cool. No, I’m not going mad, it really is. Read on…

As you would expect from Dyson, it has a dazzling combination of design features that drive performance, and design aesthetics that make it look cool.

In terms of performance, it dries your hands super-fast. Rather than holding your hands underneath it and having to rub them for ages, you place your hands down vertically inside it, and then draw them out slowly. And, voila, they’re dry in 10 seconds. This is thanks to "a wafer-thin sheet of air that is blow onto your hands at 400mph"! In addition to drying your hands faster, it uses up to 83% less energy than typical hand dryers. And its more hygienic, thanks to the air being filtered, and an anti-bacterial coating on the casing. Its even endorsed by The Royal Institute of Public Health who consider it "a significant step forward in hand dryer technology and hygiene". So, an amazing amount of product "sausage" packed into one bit of kit!


And it terms of emotional sizzle, check out that design. It looks like something of a futuristic sci-fi movie, not your normal boring dryer. Its sleek design, superior performance, energy efficiency and hygienic benefits actually allow an establishment (e.g. club, restaurant, hotel) to enhance their image. What Molton Brown did for toiletries, Dyson have done for hand dryers!