Do you fancy a more honest future?

I love the Dsyon brand. It is one of the ultimate examples of combining sausage and sizzle. Great product, packaged up with sex appeal.Picture_1

And my love for them got deeper (feels like a Bee Gees song is coming on…) when I saw their latest job advert. Now most job adverts are nothing more than wallpaper, full of marketing bull**** about "opportunities for high flyers" and "putting talent first". Well, the Dyson ad just burst out of these pages of mediocrity:

[For people outside the UK, porkies is short for "pork pies", one of our most delicious culinary delights, which is in turn Cockney rhyming slang for "lies".]

The first paragraph is music to my ears: 

"We believe that good product is at the heart of good marketing".

And because of this great product, they don’t have to stuff their recruitment adverts full of artificial stuffing. And the comms. people they want to hire will be able to create marketing based on promoting a heroic product range, rather than relying on spin and sizzle. The last line of the ad is brilliant too:

"If you fancy a more honest future, please go to to apply"

The more I’ve been thinking about this, focusing on sausage not sizzle, on substance not spin, is not only the way to win with your external consumers/customers…it really is the way to engage with people inside the business, or with potential future employees.