Can you help us find brandgym partner 4: we’ll make it worth your while!

How would you like to win a dinner for 2 in the restaurant of your
choice, plus a room for 2 people in a hotel of your choice to crash out
in afterwards? Any restaurant/hotel, anywhere in the world…(though you have to get there yourself!)

All you have to do is help us find brandgym partner number 4.

As you may know, our growth model is a bit different to the classic consultancy….rather than building a "factory" of junior people, we
– only want senior partners, who then work with our extended network of other experts to deliver a project
– each partner is in effect an entrepreneur running their own mini business, but trading under the same brandgym banner, and sharing methods/tools/values/culture etc
– they pay a "franchise fee" to do this, as a % of the fees they earn

So, we need to find 1 or 2 needles in the haystack of consultants out there, who fit this rather tricky brief….
– Min 10-15 years experience in a top agency/consultancy, leading brand vision & positioning projects..i.e. able to "hit the ground running"… Ideally, some client side experience as well
– Smart brand thinker, capable of adding to the brandgym intellectual capital
– Premier league facilitator: workshops are a key part of our projects
– Ability and desire to work independently and fly solo …
…. yet see the benefit of being part of a bigger, brandgym adventure and family
– Buys into the idea of brand driving the whole business, not just communication
– Ideal location London, then Europe, then USA or Asia…but we’re more interested in the expertise/thinking they bring, than where they are based

Easy huh 😉 ?

So, please have a think about the agency/consultancy people you work with, and keep you eyes/ears open. Its the sort of person who is already sort of flying solo in their current job, and is fed up of the management/admin/politics of a big company.

Thanks in advance!