Can Cascal crack the grown-up soft drink opportunity?

Interesting to read about the launch in the the US of Cascal, an adult soft-drink. Its an all-natural fruit drink that is fermented like wine or beer, but has no alcohol. 

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Here's what I like about Cascal:

1. Hits a real consumer need: for a grown up, natural soft drink you can have when you're out with friends, but can't drink booze. At the moment you can drink water or fizzy soft drinks, and not a lot else.

2. Real product story/sausage: I like the story about a recipe "designed" in France. The drink is all natural, which is pretty hard to do. Also, dig deeper and there's more to the product story, with the drink being made in a micro brewery in Florida, using a double fermentation process.

4. Selective distribution: The brand is starting with selective distribution, through a partnership with Wholefoods Markets. This gets the brand trialled first by upscale, natural product fans and builds a sense of exclusivity, before a wider roll-out.

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Net, I think Cascal has a good chance of success, though it will be a slow burn, and relies on having the patience to nurture it and grow it.