brandgym book update

Quite a few people have asked how the new brandgym book is going, so here's a quick update.

We aint ever going to be in JK Rowling league for sure 😉 But we have got off to a good start, being ranked Amazon's number 1 management book during the launch. We've had other books top the branding section, but never management as a whole, so that's great.

Picture 3 

However, what matters more is the positive feedback we've got from the first readers, with 25 lots of 5* feedback on Amazon. Our goal is for a relatively small group of people to really love it and, even more importantly, actually use it. We've no interest in being one of the 70% (scary) of business books bought as a fad and never read!

Here are a few of the quotes we've had so far:

"Every once in a while, a book comes along with enough good ideas and
marketing how-to's that I tell people that it belongs in their marketing
tool box.

But in the case of the brandgym,
the book isn't just a tool to be included, it is all of the tools in
the box."

"I've read lots of brand books hoping to find a set of tools to help
define what it is that makes a company special and found none – until this one. This book gives practical, usable tools
to use, from which to choose depending on the circumstances.Crucially also, the tools focus on building business through brand, not
just building the brand as an artistic / academic exercise"

"Simple to follow and contains practical
case studies and examples which help to bring everything alive. As with
all brandgym books it focuses on a small number of core principles to
help drive growth and deliver the money."

Thanks again for the feedback, especially those people who took the time to leave a review on Amazon. If this tempts you, click here to get a copy on Amazon, who are still offering the half-price launch offer.