brandgym Air beats the volcano!

[Guest blog by brandgym partner David Nichols, Head of Invention, and qualified pilot!]

Last week it looked like we were going to miss an important pitch meeting in Rotterdam, as all flights from London were grounded by the bloody Icelandic volcano cloud (that never was).

Rather than sit back and let a client down, we took matters into our own hands. I rented a light aircraft and a pilot from the flying club I'm a member of. The pilot is a mate, so the flight cost the same as a normal business class commercial flight. And the plane was able to fly below the ash cloud.

It was a crazy idea, but actually worked and we made the pitch just in time. Our friends at SwaG even had some fun creating a logo so that the flight was even branded: brandgym air was up and running!
Picture 4

So, not even a total ban on European airspace can stop the brandgym getting to the client. And if the silly buggers in air traffic control get up to their tricks again, perhaps brandgym air will take to the skies again!

Picture 5