Better to ask for forgiveness, not permission

There is so much process and so many systems in business today that teams can get strangled into doing nothing. Well, sometimes you just need to take the initiative, get on and do things, rather than being a slave to this corporate approval process. I have often found that its better to "ask for forgiveness, not permission."

And, to illustrate the idea of taking initiative, I couldn't resist sharing this story from Claire, the wife of brandgym partner David Nichols:

"Outside Bristol Zoo is the car park, with spaces for 150 cars and 8 coaches.
It's been manned 6 days a week, for 23 years, by the same charming and very polite car park attendant.
The charges are £1.00 per car and £5.00 per coach.

On Monday 1 June this year, he didn't turn up for work.
Bristol Zoo phoned Bristol City Council to ask for a replacement parking attendant.
The Council said, "That car park is your responsibility."
The Zoo complained, "But the attendant was employed by the City Council… wasn't he?"
The Council replied ….. "What attendant?"
Gone missing from his home is a man who has taken the car park fees each day, for the last 23 years.
Total fees: £400 per day.
Over 23 years, it adds up to £3 million in total, tax free!"

The guy was stuck for a job. So, he made one up. Provided a service. And got rich in the process.

Thanks Claire!