ALL your packaging can pack a punch: Hunters wellies

For my birthday I was given a set of Hunters wellies by my daughters. And as I unwrapped the gift, I was struck by how nice the outer box was. It got me thinking about how to use your outer packaging to pack a punch for your brand. After all, for a brand like Hunters you need to have some form of outer packaging. So why not make use of it?

1. Feel the quality

The first thing about the Hunters box was the feel of the box. The cardboard was sturdy and it had a good, strong carrying handle. This reinforced the idea of a robust, well-made brand of wellington boots. 


2. Bring to life your personality

On opening the box, the interior is a bright, fire-engine red. This splash of colour is a nice touch, which brings to life the vibrant, cool, contemporary side of the Hunters brand. 


3. Packvertising

The final touch is to make use of the packaging as a communication channel. We call this "packvertising". There are a few paragraphs of text in the Hunters inside lid that talk about the brand's history of innovation and pioneering spirit.


In conclusion, this is a good example of a brand making the most of its outer packaging as a brand building tool, turning something that could just be a cost to the business into something more useful.