2010 Highlights

As we reach the end of 2010, here's a review of the year in the form of my favourite posts from the 200 we've done this year.

Jan: the iPad is revealed. The biggest product innovation of the year. Apple do it again, creating a whole new category, and another "must-have" gadget. My doubts about how useful it would be soon disappeared as I got my hands on one.

Feb: Toyota show the risks of neglecting product quality as they are caught in a fire-storm of negative PR about their product recalls.

Mar: the first post on our views on "Leader brands", and being a leader makes you more money

April: Nespresso is named as the "best brand in the world" (by me)

May: I discover my fave book of the year (apart from our own re-vamped brandgym book): "Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion".

June: why immitators make more money than innovators.

July: Nokia's troubles deepen as they boot out their CEO. Show how a leader brand can loose its way.

August: how to "bake your brand into your product". A nice, visual summary of our belief in the power of the product

Sep: our first post on what it takes to be a brilliant brand leader yourself.

Oct: Blockbuster goes bust, showing how "marketing inertia" can prevent a leading brand keeping up with market changes

Nov: Metro Bank plan to shake up the UK banking market, and show there are no commodity markets, just commodity thinking

Thanks to all the people who have read the blog this year, especially those who have taken time to comment or send emails of encouragement. All the best for 2011!