1-page thought starters: The Marketer Columns

Here are the latest 4 columns from The Marketer, the monthly magazine of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. These are handy 1-page "though starters" on different topics.

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– A bird in the Hand…: how to make money from loyal customers, not just new ones (June 08)

– Brand it like Bond: brand rejuvenation learning from Quantum of Solace (Jul/Aug 08)

– Cheap And Nice (not cheap and nasty): competing on value AND differentiation (Sep 08)

– Survival of the Fittest: is your brand strong enough to be recession-proof? (Oct 08)

The previous ones can also be downloaded here if you fancy:
– New Year, New Insight: new ways of getting insight (Feb 08)

– Brand Ego Trip: risks of over-stretching (Mar 08)

– Hero Products: cut the clutter in your portfolio (April 08)

– Time for Truth:  building a brand story based on authenticity, not spin (May 08)